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Congratulations Gretchen Knox

  • 2018 Navajo County Grand Champion Market Beef
  • Monopoly X Meyer 734
  • This cow combination has worked in the past and is still working. 

Congratulations Kordale DeSpain

  • 2108 Navajo County Reserve Grand Champion Market Beef
  • Irish Whiskey x Maggie (GCC Angus), not your typical show steer bloodlines but these whiskeys are powerful and sound.

Congratulations Kody Kelly

  • 2018 Coconino County Grand Champion
  • Lot 2 calf from the 2017 G-Force Livestock Sale
  • Monopoly X Honey 126Y
  • This mating has had four consectutive Grand Champion Steers at the Coconino Fair.

Congratulations Clance Wiltbank

  • 2018 Apache County Grand Champion Market Beef.
  • Raised by the Halphen Family out of a heifer we sold through Fassett.
  • Grandmother is the heifer my son showed on our home page.
  • The Wilbank family has had two consecutive Grand Champions. 

Congratulations Gretchen Knox

  • Grand Champion Market Steer at Navajo County Fair.
  • Cerveza x Ginger (Monopoly/118).
  • This Donor cow is up and coming she really is clicking on Maine influenced bulls.

Congratulations Mason VanZelf

  • Reserve Grand Champion Steer at Navajo County Fair.
  • Yardley Bull x 118 Donor

Congratulations Pacer Wilbank

  • Apache County Fair Grand Champion Market Steer.
  • Yellow Jacket x Ginger (Monopoly/118)

Congratulations Kennadi Mansker

  • 2017 Coconino County Fair Grand Champion Market Steer.
  • Monoply X \"Honey\" Yellow Jacket.
  • Honey has raised the Grand Champion Steer at Coconino County Fair for the last 3 years in a row.
  • Will have 3 calves for sale in our 2107 sale on October 8th.

Congratulations Bethany! Lot 1 Empty Nest Sale 2015

  • Grand Champion 2016 Coconino County Fair
  • Monopoly x Yellow Jacket
  • Full sib to last years winner at Coconino

Congratulations, Aubrey! Best of Show Breeding Beef, Lot 13 2015 Empty Nest Sale

  • Best of Show Breeding Beef, Verde Valley Fair 2016
  • Maternal Perfection x GFL Ginger 122 (Monopoly)
  • Outstanding Yellow Jacket x GFL Ginger 122 heifer sells Oct 2, 2016  GForceLivestock Empty Nest Sale


Congratulations Reilly! Lot 2 Empty Nest Sale 2014

  • Grand Champion 2015 Coconino County Fair
  • Monopoly X Yellow Jacket
  • 2 Full Sibs sell on Willoughby Livestock on October 4th


2014 Grand Champion Steer

2014 Navajo County Fair

Cutters last time entering the JR Show Ring.

The boys have had 7 Grand Champions in a row and have had 5 Reserve Grands in the last 8 years at the Navajo County Fair.

This is why we are having The Empty Nest Sale through Caldwell and Willoughby Cattle Sales.

GFL Dorothy

  • Supreme Sun Classic Heifer Arizona National 2014
  • Dream On x Meyer 734/angus
  • Thanks to Brad Fassett - Fassett Hay & Cattle Durango, Co for purchasing this heifer

GFL Dottie

Thanks to Lexis Cavanee for purchasing this great heifer.

8 Supreme Champions

13 Breed Champions

First Place AOB class JR heifer breeding show, ANLS 2014

Supreme Champion JR Breeding Female, AZ State Fair 2013


  • 2014 Prospect Steer Class winner Az National

GFL Ruby 126

  • Az National 2013 Grand Champion Maine Heifer
  • Jackpot Show Winner many times over
  • Monopoly x Iowa - Donor #118

2013 Grand Champion Steer

2013 Navajo County Fair

2012 Grand Champion Steer

2012 Navajo County Fair

GFL Allie

  • 2011 Reserve Grand Champion AOB Heifer Arizona National Livestock Show

GFL Baby

  • 2011 Grand Champion AOB Heifer Arizona National Livestock Show
  • Grand Champion Heifer Navajo County


  • 2011 Reserve Grand Champion Prospect Steer Arizona National Livestock Show

2011 Grand Champion Steer

2011 Navajo County Fair

ANLS 2010 Grand Prospect Steer

2010 Grand Champion Steer

2010 Navajo County Fair

2009 Grand Champion Steer

2009 Grand Steer Navajo County Fair

2008 Grand Champion Steer

Grand Steer 2008 \"Navajo County Fair\"

Steve, Gayle, Zane, and Cutter
Lakeside, AZ
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